Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Turkey: Another woman murdered in Antalya, one more victim in the undeclared war

Via TGEU listserve:

A trans* person (her name is Serap, 29) was murdered early this morning - around 05.00 - in Antalya, Turkey. Her throat was cut. The police came into the scene when she was alive, however she died before she was taken to the hospital. Other trans* from the district came together after she was attacked to see her however (based on the a trans from Antalya said) the police pepper sprayed people who gathered and did not react immediately to take Serap to the hospital.

Hopefully we will have more details in the upcoming days.

As ever, my thoughts go out to Serap’s loved ones and all my trans sisters in Turkey, fighting daily to survive in an undeclared war being waged by their compatriots with the tacit complicity of the state.


Turkey – TG symbol made by Helen from images found at Wikipedia (here and here). Both original images are public domain and so is this one. If using elsewhere, please ensure correct attribution.

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