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When I was a child, my grandmother always referred to our pet dog’s excrement as “business”, so to this day, when I envisage “the business community”, I imagine a vast pile of sentient faeces issuing its demands while smoking a Cuban cigar, an image that seems increasing accurate as the decades pass.

Some other things...

Firstly let's hope that the Greeks say OXI today. 'We are witnessing the twilight of democracy.' Anti-vaxxers are just so fucking stupid. Dumb, dumber, dumbest. Well that was a massive show of strength wasn't it? Don't forget that if you are in Melbourne there is opposition planned against the United Patriots Front rally next Saturday on the steps of Parliament House at 1PM. I wonder how many boneheads they will attract this time? The revolution has been digitised. I've not always agreed with Robert Christgau but this is getting ridiculous. I strongly urge you to join Barney Hoskyns's Facebook group 'Stop Working For Free'. Why on earth did Facebook remove this post even if it was only for a little while? So Kanye at Glastonbury ruffled a few feathers. An old girlfriend of mine tweeted that she would rather 'watch an Andrew Lloyd Weber (sic) musical' so it's probably for the best that that relationship didn't work I think. I hope that Neil Kulkarni does expound on this post. Also looking forward to Mark Fisher's forthcoming post on Kanye's Glastonbury appearance at k-punk. I did enjoy Spirtualized, the Super Furry Animals and Sleaford Mods too, talking of whom there is a good piece on them in today's Observer by my old mate Sean O'Hagen. I'm a big Grateful Dead fan but these Fare Thee Well gigs? I think it's almost a pity that Trey didn't dose them all with smack (to be closer to Jerry) and put us ALL out of our misery. And yeah, Phil Lesh should never be allowed near a microphone. If you want to read more crap from me in 1977 then go here and yes I did try and keep Allan away from Johnny and the Self Abusers but Lenny Love from Bruce's obviously got in his ear. Sorry you can blame me for Simple Minds. I've looked in the couch and all my pockets. Not quite enough. DamnFinally I leave you with a video from one of my favourite Melbourne Artists Be Free...

Grievous Angel - Midsummer Dub Mix

Hodge & Facta - Visions
Caski - Tunnel Music
Detboi - Give Love (edit)
Dusk + Blackdown - Drenched (Facta remix)
Big$hot - Glitch
Antonio - Hyperfunk (Steve Gurley Mix)
Cliques - Chro (Wen Remix)
Riko Dan and Rabit - Black Dragons
Wen - Late Night
Detboi - Pin Point
Mutiny - Da Virus (El-B instrumental remix)
Wen - Push Back - Mastered
The Black Dog - Bass Mantra
Beneath - Still Hurts
Madie Myles - I'm Still Waiting (Dem2 remix)
Mala - City Cycle
Ramadanman - Blimey (Grievous Ange Refix)
Hodge & Facta - Visions

I think he was lying

From Melody Maker (29/9/79)



Not Bladerunner 2019

Pangu Plaza Office Building in Beijing January 2015
Are Australians being conditioned subconsciously for a new norm?
On the phenomenon of bullshit jobs

Echo & The Bunnymen - Live @Pop Carnival 26 Aug 1982

I was at this gig in Liverpool's Sefton Park

O'Connell and Love ft Rumer - Hangover Me

Larry Love's fall at the end 'may have been caused by the fact that no dud drinks were served during the making of this video'


Braille & Typography



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Grateful Dead 50: A Message From Obama

Happy Fourth

Space Ace has always been a keys and mic kid

Father VS Daughter Beatboxing (Round 2)

Round 1 HERE

Dub Gabriel - 100% 7' Vinyl Roots Reggae Special (1/7/15)

Dub Gabriel recorded live at d/a/c labs 1/7/15 - 100% 7" vinyl set - Over 2 1/2 hours of strictly roots reggae & dub
Horace Andy – Youths Of Today
Junior Byles – Beat Down Babylon
Johnny Clark – Don’t Want To Be No Rude Boy
Trinity – Phsams
Desi Roots – Weed Fields
Johnnt Clarke – King In A Di Arena
Linval Thompson – Jah Jah Is The Conqueror
Kojak – Black Skin
George Boswell – Jah Fire
Phillip Myers – Getho Struggle
Early B – No Funny Tricks
Joy White – Dread Out De
Jah Joe – Dreadlocks Song
Denis Brown & Augustus Pablo – Spirit Of Umoja
Almighty Stones – Penetrate
Martin Campbell & The Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics – Richman
Barry Brown – Politician
Freddie McGregor – Rasta Have Faith
Zig Zag – Rasta Clean
Brent Dowe – Down Here In Babylon
Shaumark and Robinson – Weak Hear Feel It (part 1)
Hugh Mundell – Great Tribulation
Tristan Palmer – Bad Boys
Barry Brown – Release The Chain
Bunny & Ricky – Freedom Fighter
Doc Alimantado – I Shall Fear No Evil
Big Youth – Dreader Than Dread
George Taylor Pace Setter Band – Sweet Talk
Clint Eastwood – Production Plan
Eric Monty Morris – He Is Back
Hopeton James – Get Up Blackman
Asher & Tremble – Humble Yourself
Denis Brown – General
Lee & Junior – Dreader Locks
Big Joe – Bitter Water Rock (Re-Mix)
Prince George – Babylon Kingdom Fall
Jah Brown – Freedom Fighter
The Upsetters – Black Belt Jones
Tayon – Disco Pants
Prince Far I – Frontline Speech
P. Weston – Royal Cord
I-Roy – Caveman Skank
Toyan – Tracks & Socks
Barry Brown – Juks And Watch
Sammy Dread – I Wont Cry
I-Roy – Tribute To Marcus Garvey
Prince Alla – Forty Days And Forty Nights
Prince Mohammed – Come Mek We Rub A Dub
The Immortals – Babylon
Dill And The Pickles – Nine O’Clock
Bob Andy – War In The City
Eric Donaldson – Freedom Street

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Thighpaulsandra - The Foot Garden

Psychic TV - Unclean / Terminus / Moonchild

As Michael says: Three videos showcasing what might be the pick of the bunch of Psychic TV videos. 1984's 'Unclean' the first video and the first records that was released on Psychic TVs' own Temple Records after the escape / release from Some Bizarre (and of Geff Rushton and Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson) is directed by Cerith Wyn Evans with help from Leigh Bowery. One of the video stars is Nicky Crane, the early 1980's poster boy for the thuggish UK Nazi organisation, the British Movement, and who also marshaled the security for the Nazi band Skrewdriver. How did this peculiar alliance form you ask? No idea I reply. Unless, the story I did hear in the mid 1980's was the truth. At the beginning of the 1980's Nicky Crane had a double life. His extreme hatred for anything he considered non British (or specifically non English) and his deeply hidden homosexuality. Aside from marshaling security for the band Skrewdriver he also had a little moonlighting going on as part of the security team in clubs up the West End of London. Derek Jarman a left field film director (Jubilee / Sebastian / The Tempest / Angelic Converstion) was a semi regular visitor to the openly homosexual club 'Heaven' in Charing Cross and one night met up with Nicky Craine in the club. Nicky Craine ended up in this video for Jarman's old friend Genesis P-Orridge. I have no idea what happened at 'B' in this story from 'A' to 'C'. Derek Jarman and Nicky Craine would know and they are both dead. I truly hope that is the correct story and Jarman or Genesis P-Orridge had no clue of this guys recent past of White Power street fighting, and they only knew of him as a rent boy up west. I prefer that option to the other obvious option. 'Terminus' the second video directed by Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson is from the debut Psychic TV album' 'Force The Hand Of Chance'. 'Terminus' starts with a long 'spaghetti western' type musical introduction with Genesis P-Orridge reciting a story of depression and suicide in an almost dream like fashion. On the video we see Mr Sebastian inking Genesis P-Orridge and a load of wolves separate to the young boy who is central to the story line. At the point of a naked Geff Rushton sitting in and pulling around him a petrol soaked bed sheet and then 'setting himself alight' the 'pleasant' long 'spaghetti western' type musical introduction disappears to a wall of noise of feedback and effects. That music break makes me think of a similar idea in the Velvet Undergrounds 'I Heard Her Call My Name' around two minutes in at the lyric "and then my mind exploded" a split second of silence and the Velvet Underground's wall of noise begins. There has to be a link there somewhere. This wall of noise part of the video has some (but certainly not all) of the more unpleasant parts of the 'Eden' 1 video edited in. The wall of noise diminishes to an Spanish acoustic guitar reprise with Genesis P-Orridge completing his reciting masterpiece.
'Moon Child' the third video and features Paula P-Orridge and John Gosling filmed at Beck Road in Hackney by Genesis P-Orridge. The audio is a looping pulse accompanied by what sounds like a tattoo gun and a recorder along with some spoken word in a different language (Spanish maybe). All these three videos are genuinely moving, hard to watch in parts, interesting and above all for eighteen year old browsers only!
The psychedelic drug that could explain our belief in life after death

Blanck Mass - Live @SEQUENCES

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How a fake Guardian graphic went from one tweet to fooling the paper’s own writers

Space Ace's first amplifier

I love the internet. 
I bought this for the boy's keyboards and microphone but it's crazy when you get James from The Stooges suggesting I get him a guitar. Might work out some way to get his ukelele thru a fuzzbox tho...

Lou Reed?

I see the silly sub has fixed it now

Delia Derbyshire: The Delian Mode



Inside the (SONY) hack of the century

Part 1: Who was manning the ramparts at Sony Pictures? 
Part 2: The storm builds 
Part 3: The cyberbomb is detonated

Sherwood & Pinch - Different Eyes (Original Raw Cut)

Inside Adrian Sherwood's Ramsgate Studio

Refueled #15

The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes / Citizen Zombie / St. Outrageous (VPRO Best Kept Secret Session)

She Is Beyond Good & Evil (Live @BBC6 Festival)

We Are All Prostitutes (Live @Rough Trade)

Hillary learns how to use a fax machine

Click to enlarge

Bim One Production ft Miss Red - Nah Bwoy / Version

Beach balls

Look carefully

Dizzy Gillespie


The (Grateful) Deb Season S-W-I-N-G-I-N-G (1966)

Farewell to America

Stephen Colbert: Only In Monroe

Steve Ignorant Interview

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